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John Comerford ALM ’84

John Comerford headshot

Having graduated from Harvard Extension almost forty years ago with an ALM, I have had a front row seat to view the growth of the Alumni Association. My career in public service, banking, investments, and insurance has taken me all over the US and Europe, so I never felt that I had the time to devote to the activities of the Association although I have been active in post-Harvard activities as a member of the Harvard Clubs of Boston, Palm Beach, Washington, D.C, London, and now Seattle. I also belong to several SIG’s and presented at the HEAA innovation day in 2016. 

My career has been marked by four areas that I feel can benefit the Association: 

  1. Mentorship – I have spent most of my career being mentored or mentoring others in all aspects of career and personal development. This is something that I would like to continue working on through the Association. 
  1. Organizational Development – Having served on many corporate and non-profit boards, I believe that I can add significant value to the Association and our alumni through maximizing our value proposition and communications strategy. 
  1. Finance and Development – My career has been driven by finance, in terms of both financial management and financial development. I feel that my experience can benefit to the Association in both raising funds and in maximizing the value of the funds that we raise.  
  1. Last, but certainly not least, is my lifetime commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. From sponsoring the Afro-American Society at UMass Boston in 1967, to helping create the Rosa Parks Day Care Center in Roxbury, to a history of hiring, developing and mentoring people of color throughout my career. Most recently, I earned my doctorate at an historically black university, focused on healthcare equity.