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Carlos Vargas ALM ’13

Carlos Vargas headshot

My profound interest in serving on the HEAA Board of Directors emanates from a deeply ingrained dedication to the Harvard community—a community that has significantly shaped my personal and professional journey. As a proud alumn (ALM ’13), and as an instructor at HES who has had the honor of teaching over 1,300 students in Sustainability, my connection to Harvard is both multifaceted and profound. This unique position has provided me with a front-row seat to the transformative power of education and the pivotal role sustainability plays in our future.

Driven by a desire to give back to the institution that has given me so much, I see joining the HEAA Board as an unparalleled opportunity to contribute my expertise as board member, and sustainable finance expert to support Harvard’s mission. It’s a chance to further integrate sustainability into the fabric of the Harvard community, fostering a culture that values and practices sustainable development. My ambition is to make a tangible impact by leveraging my experiences, as practitioner, and academic from engaging with students in the classroom to spearheading research that advances sustainable finance, to enhance alumni engagement and champion initiatives that drive positive change.