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Don Parker ALB ’19 ALM ’21

Don Parker headshot

After a successful thirty-eight-year corporate career I have the good fortune to be able to spend my time learning and helping others. My affinity for Extension School students comes from experience as an HES undergraduate and graduate student, and five years as a grader and teaching assistant. HES students are managing careers, running small businesses, raising families, and some, serving their country. On top of all that they are investing in themselves through higher education and despite the many easier ways to do that they chose the most rigorous program available; they chose Harvard. Helping good people achieve their dreams is an honor and Extension School Students are the pinnacle of good people.

The Harvard Extension School Alumni Association is an organization of tremendous potential. Connecting and engaging the Extension School alumni in support of each other, existing HES students, their communities, and the college itself represents a powerful force for good. If my experience and skill sets can help make that happen, then it is a commitment that I am both obligated and happy to make.

My thirty years of experience in governance of non-profit and for-profit organizations includes chairing large, complex organizations and founding small focused philanthropic entities. I have chaired the nominating and governance committee of a multi-million-dollar education institution. This experience would be valuable to the HEAA Board and ensure good governance for the organization.