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HEAA: Learning Together – AI Innovations, tools and the impact on our current world

Join the HEAA for a “Learning Together: AI” series, a dynamic set of HES alumni-led virtual gatherings designed to explore the vast and evolving landscape of artificial intelligence. Led by HEAA President Ariel Gamiño Miranda ALM ’03 and HEAA Latin America Chapter Chair Ariadna Trapote ALM ’15 this initiative aims to foster a collaborative environment where alumni can share insights, experiences, and innovations in AI, learning from one another in a setting that blends the richness of a panel discussion with the interactive engagement of show-and-tell sessions.

These sessions are not just about passively absorbing information; they are an invitation to actively engage, learn, share, and contribute to the collective understanding of AI’s impact and potential from a technical point of view and a practical one.

Our journey will commence with a kickoff meeting on Thursday, April 25th at 7 PM CT/8 PM ET where we will set the stage for what promises to be an enlightening exchange of knowledge and ideas. As the series progresses, participants will have the opportunity to lead and shape subsequent meetings, ensuring a diverse and rich exploration of AI from multiple perspectives.

This series is more than just a set of meetings; it’s a growing community of curious minds eager to delve into AI’s possibilities and challenges together. Whether you’re an AI expert or simply fascinated by its implications, your voice and vision will contribute to a tapestry of collective wisdom that illuminates the path to the future of artificial intelligence. Join other alumni on this odyssey, to learn, share, and grow together in the realm of AI.