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Guillermo Hamlin- HEAA Director

by Chrissy Natoli

December 13, 2023

Guillermo Hamlin

Guillermo S. Hamlin ALB ’13 (HEAA Director) is a Multimedia Support Specialist at Tufts Technology Services. He enjoys experimenting with hyperlocal activism and mixed media for sustaining positive change in Massachusetts. He is a proud Harvard alum and is even prouder to have all 128 credits taken at HES for his Bachelors. Guillermo credits the ALB degree with making him entrepreneurial despite a decade in public service. Guillermo is a candidate for a Master of Science in Engineering Management at Tufts Gordon Institute. We spoke to Guillermo about his experiences, how his HES degree propelled him forward in his career and more!

As a Director of the HEAA Board of Directors what do you hope to accomplish during your tenure?

I hope to serve Dean Coleman & our HEAA President in fostering Crimson pride & cultivating connections among alumni to establish better feedback loops between the school and its graduates. I hope to accomplish making HEAA a more dynamic alumni board than when I entered.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering for this role?

I regret having not participated or volunteered with the Harvard Extension Student Association during my time on-campus. What I enjoy most is being of service to students & alumni who themselves resonate with my undergraduate experience.

What impact do you hope to have on the HEAA community?

I hope to develop a community that is more dynamic to its members & current study body. I want to demonstrate a leadership style that is a positive portrayal of an HES alumni & as a Harvard gentleman.

What opportunities did your HES Degree unlock for you in your professional and personal life?

It challenged and shaped me into a more thoughtful and resilient person. Studying at Harvard Extension School during my late adolescence and early adulthood was a significant and fortunate time in my life. I felt particularly lucky, considering my background as an immigrant from Paraguay, a public school graduate from a rural New Jersey suburb, and someone who might have faced challenges in the workforce with just a high school diploma.

My Harvard Extension School experience, particularly the ALB program, equipped me to engage in civic activities and work in public service. This preparation was evident when I confidently took the Citizens Oath at my Naturalization Ceremony in October 2015.

The skills gained from the ALB program also paved the way for me to join Tufts Technology Services in 2021 as a Multimedia Support Specialist. Feeling capable and motivated, I decided to pursue a Master of Science in Engineering Management at Tufts Gordon Institute, with an expected completion date in the fall of 2024.

What does it mean to you to “give back” and “serve” and what kind of work have you done in your career that reflects this?

I value the Rotary Club’s motto, “Service above self.” I believe in giving back authentically, focusing on the mission of the organization rather than pursuing personal rewards. In my role as a Government Affairs Coordinator at Malden Access Television, I taught video production and broadcasted important city meetings. I have a history of serving on boards, including the Somerville Media Center and CAAS, a nonprofit administering Head Start Programs.

I’ve been elected twice as a Town Meeting Member in Arlington’s Precinct 14, attending Annual Town Meetings to handle the town’s business and fulfill fiduciary responsibilities. Currently, I’ve returned to Harvard to contribute my time and energy to enhance the Harvard Extension Alumni Association (HEAA). Additionally, I serve on the board of the Alliance for Community Media – Northeast Region.

If you could live anywhere in the world for a month free of responsibilities, where would it be and what would you do there?

I would rent out an estate in Asuncion, Paraguay [country of origin]. I would spend time creatively writing, plan some day trips to neighboring countries [Argentina, Brazil, etc] & spend considerable time with family that still reside around there.