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Keith Ongeri ALM ’22

Keith Ongeri

Hello, HEAA community! My name is Keith Ongeri and I’m interested in serving as the Secretary on the HEAA Board of Directors. Community involvement and education are two of my largest passions, and I am interested in the Secretary position because I believe it provides me an opportunity to contribute actively to the advancement and governance of our academic community.

I believe I would make an effective Secretary for two specific reasons. First, I have been a heavily involved student, at all my institutions, which would allow for a seamless transition into work done as an alumnus as I continue to engage with the University and students as a post-grad. I believe my understanding and experiences across my educational career uniquely distinguish me as a candidate with a breadth of experience that I can draw on in my new role. Second, my work as an attorney prepares me directly for the requirements of this role. My work requires that I maintain accurate records, work with leadership to make mission-critical decisions, and effectively communicate with others. Such meticulous record-keeping is foundational to effective governance and fosters trust among stakeholders.

I am passionate about advocating for the needs and interests of all stakeholders. Navigating educational and professional spaces as a first-generation person of color, I understand the importance of promoting dialogue, encouraging diverse perspectives, and fostering a culture of inclusivity within our community. I hope my work as Secretary would allow me to do all that, and more. Serving as would be an opportunity I wholeheartedly embrace. I am eager to leverage my skills, experience, and passion to contribute towards HEAA’s continued growth and success. Together, we can work towards a brighter future for our University and all who call it home.