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Maleeha Habib ALM ’21

Maleeha Habib headshot

I discovered a leader within me during my time at the Harvard Extension School. This was made possible by the mentorship I received through my peers and professors, during my studies and also later as an alumnus. My dream is to link my fellow alum in receiving similar support in their life’s journey through a stronger alumni association.

As a board member, I intend to build and strengthen meaningful partnerships and connections between our alum across the globe. I envision greater support, collaboration and knowledge-exchange between our alum and also between their respective organizations. I hope to bring the global network closer together, and more engaged through regular networking events in each region. I also want to support career advancement by developing strategically structured programs for life-long learning.

I have been serving as a mentor to HES students since 2023, and I have experienced the value of mentorships and interactions. I especially want to develop these mentorship programs further, through strategic outreach with the alumni network.

I believe that our alumni is making a great impact in their professional lives and giving back to the community in many ways. I want their stories heard and shared, by which this impact will be amplified.

My location in the Global South brings a unique perspective to the HEAA board, that will foster greater understanding of alum needs, especially from less privileged and under-represented parts of the world.

My passion, professional work and network are already rooted in sustainability. As a member for the board in the position of director, I am to further these principles for the alumni. I aspire to lead our community in a trajectory which will lead us to tackle pressing global issues, and supporting all alum in their efforts for the betterment of society.