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Mark Benson ALM ’11

* Exemplary HEAA Volunteer Service.

Mark Benson headshot

It would be an honor as a Harvard University (Harvard) graduate of Harvard Extension School (HES) to continue my work for our community of alums as a Harvard Extension Alumni Association (HEAA) Board Director from 2024 to 2026. We as Harvard graduates of HES are Harvard scholars inspired by the vision of the Lowell Institute. We are motivated to share our Harvard erudition with intellectually curious members of communities where we study, work, play and live, and inspire them to realize dreams they dare to dream so they will strive for more educational achievement and aspire to find meaningful career and volunteer placements. Thanks to your past support, I was elected to the HEAA Board in 2021, where I, motivated by the Lowell Institute vision, could spend a productive three years with dedicated members of our HEAA Board and awe-inspiring HEAA Office of Advancement Team, to make lifelong learning and career development solutions happen for our fellow alums. We designed, approved and successfully implemented the first of a three-pronged series of HEAA Surveys, an annual HEAA Giving Day, and a comprehensive, once-a-year source of announcements of new solutions, our HEAA Annual Report. My dedicated and awe-inspiring colleagues and I are now preparing new solutions in store for our fellow alums from 2024 to 2026. We will make it possible to continue lifelong learning and fathom career development needs in the third in a three-pronged series of surveys, new solutions in store we anticipate will make it possible for us to realize dreams we dare to dream as we continue to strive and aspire. It would be an honor to work with dedicated and awe-inspiring colleagues as a HEAA Board Director from 2024 to 2026, and make new solutions we anticipate happen for us, Harvard scholars in our community of alums and communities we call home.