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Nathan Epstein ALM ’22

Nathan Epstein headshot

I am eager to serve as a Harvard Extension Alumni Association director as a way to give back to both the community and the institution that have shaped my personal and professional growth. By contributing my time, skills, and expertise, I hope to play a role in building a stronger and more connected alumni community that benefits both current students and fellow graduates.

One of the key reasons I am interested in joining the board is to bridge diverse networks and bring together alumni from various backgrounds. With strong professional connections in technology and financial services, I believe I can help create opportunities for networking, collaboration, and mentorship that will benefit all members of the alumni association. By leveraging these networks, I aim to foster a sense of unity and support among alumni, regardless of their field of work or area of expertise.

Additionally, I am passionate about building the reputation of Harvard Extension as an institution known for its inclusive and engaged alumni community. By serving as a director, I hope to contribute to initiatives that highlight the achievements and successes of our alumni, showcasing the impact they are making in their respective fields. Through these efforts, we can raise the profile of Harvard Extension and attract ever more talented individuals to join our community.