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Svetlana Javakhyan ALM ’20

Svetlana Javakhyan
Somerville, MA

I arrived in Boston in August of 2000, to pursue a bachelor’s and, subsequently, graduate degree at The Boston Conservatory. I remember walking across Harvard Yard and admiring these brilliant young people who were about to embark on the journey of their lifetime to study at Harvard University. Studying at Harvard was always one of my biggest aspirations, a dream that I finally had the opportunity to pursue while I was building a successful career. As a seasoned career professional, the best path that allowed me to balance my professional and personal life was to pursue an A.L.M. in Management. I graduated in May of 2020 and am beyond grateful for the opportunity that Harvard Extension School has awarded me. I will always cherish the experience, my Professors, and last but not least my fellow classmates. The diversity of experiences, knowledge and the incredible dedication that I witnessed was inspirational, humbling and incredibly motivational.

We’ve built a strong network within our Harvard Extension school alumni community, but unfortunately I find that the stories of many of my colleagues are neither represented, nor are recognized outside of the HES community. As a Director of Regional Engagement, by creating broader outreach, I will ensure that HES students and alumni/alumnae are represented throughout the University and get the opportunity to receive the acknowledgement they deserve. My mission, as a Director of Regional Engagement, is to establish collaborative opportunities between various alumni associations and SIG’s, highlight HES alumni accomplishments and drive engagements throughout the alumni community. My vision is to foster inclusivity and to ensure that Harvard Extension School alumnae/alumni are integral members of One Harvard.

I’m currently on the steering committee for Harvard Alumnae-i Women’s Association and on the New England chapter for Armenian International Women’s Association. In my free time, I am an avid cyclist, and am training with my husband and Siberian Husky for our Kilimanjaro climb later this year.