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Theresa Knapp Enos ALB ’97

Theresa Knapp

I am HES’ biggest fan: I graduated with my ALB in 1997 and recently completed my ALM and a graduate certificate. I have many years of experience in administrative support roles at both public and private institutions, and I have worked with C-suite leadership for more than 15 years. Plus, I can take shorthand and capture every single word of every single conversation, if necessary!

I have a background in communication and outreach, and have served on many boards and committees, in various leadership roles, in both my personal and professional life, and I understand what it takes to be part of a team with a larger mission. Also, my ALM in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (great program!) and graduate certificate in Organizational Behavior will also contribute to my success in this position.

Finally, I know two of the concerns for alumni – and current students – are (1) the name “Harvard Extension School” and all that is associated with the word “Extension”; and (2) the continued use of our “” email addresses. I would like to help address those issues, and others, for our colleagues.

Thank you in advance for your support, I greatly appreciate it!