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The Harvard Extension Alumni Association has more than 29,000 members residing in over 100 countries, making it a global community that lets graduates and certificate holders stay connected and engaged indefinitely. Its mission is to foster personal and professional connections among alumni and establish a lifelong relationship between the school and its graduates.

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More than 23,000 alumni in the United States and over 3,000 international alumni

Membership Levels

Affiliation Harvard Extension Alumni Association Harvard Alumni Association
Degree Program Graduate Alumni Member Alumni Member
Graduate Certificate Holder Associate Member Not Eligible

Alumni Membership (Degree Program Graduate)
When you graduate from a degree program at the Harvard Extension School, you automatically become an Alumni Member of the HEAA. You also become a member of the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA), extending your benefits to the greater university community.

Alumni Members can:

  • Attend social and networking events

  • Access Harvard Clubs, career services, Harvard recreation facilities, and more. Learn more on the resources page

  • Vote for and/or hold office on the board of directors

  • Join a committee to plan events

  • Join regional alumni chapters

  • Mentor Harvard Extension School students locally or remotely

Your membership to the HEAA and HAA is free for life and no membership dues are required. Four to six weeks after graduation, you can create your profile on the Harvard University Alumni Directory and stay in touch with your Harvard community.

Associate Membership (Graduate Certificate Earners)
When you earn a graduate certificate at the Harvard Extension School, you automatically become an Associate Member of the HEAA with no dues required. You are not eligible for membership in the Harvard Alumni Association.

Associate Members can:

  • Attend HEAA social and networking events

  • Access monthly call-in career advising and webinars at the Career and Academic Resource Center. Learn more on the resources page.

For questions about eligibility, contact the Office of Advancement at

Board of Directors


Michael Fabiano - ALM '16

Vice President

Meredith Overstreet - ALM '13


Vacant -

Appointed HAA Director

Evan Bernstein - ALM ’11

Appointed HAA Director

Michael Fabiano - ALM ’16

Director of Governance

Robert Carp - ALM ’10

Director of Regional Engagement

Ariel Gamiño - ALM '03

Director of Regional Engagement

Vacant -

Director of Regional Engagement

Vacant -


Heather Friedmann - ALM '09

Director of Local Events

Lauren King - ALM ’16

Director of Reunions

Corwynn Crane - ALM '07

Director of Reunions

Suzanne Diab - ALM '15

Director of Awards and Recognition

Barbara O’Reilly - ALM '98

Director of Student Engagement

Shanell Lavery - ALB ’15

Election coming - in early 2021

Office of Advancement Staff

Jill Felicio

Director of Advancement

Veronica Olsen

Assistant Director of Special Events

Christine Natoli

Coordinator of Alumni Communications and Events

Darlene Tupta

Coordinator of Alumni Data & Research

Shealan Conway

Manager of Volunteer Engagement